Monday, April 09, 2007

6mm Terrain

I have recently been creating terrain specifically for 6mm hex based gaming using 1.4mm PPFoam basing.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

WWI dogfighting Knights of the Sky

A week ago we tried an afternoon of WW1 dogfighting using the Knights of the Sky rules from Wargamers Journal.

You start of as a rookie pilot and the idea is as you get more kills you progress to seasoned and eventually an ace. At rookie level the game is not that interesting to be honest, my recomendation is start of at seasoned.

It was fun but not sure if it was compelling enough to make me want to play it again. I didn't get the thrill or flavor of dog fighting, yes I know I am probably looking for a "movie" type dogfight rather thana real simulation but this game is supposed to be fun more than anything else a "beer and pretzel" type game.

I subsequently came across another ruleset here this looks like it might have been the inspiration for Knights of the Sky. I like this ruleset for its complete simplicity, intend to give it a try and see if it gives more of the dogfight feel.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Robbed... Again...

Another great game with Andrezj's new Romans and Celts, our house variant C&C Ancients rules and a HexCloth.

After allowing Peter to beat up the Roman right flank pretty badly the center finally got stuck in. Attacking in three waves supported by the Druids my Celts managed to bleed Erics Romans dry.

I think this works well as a tactic against the Romans, their heavies have a movement allowance of 1 vs. the Celts 2, so move the Celts up to 2 hexes away from the Romans so they can't get caught on the Roman turn, then attack on the Celt turn which gives them the initiative during the attack. Make sure you have the Druids up in support and a leader there . First wave just tries to damage as many Roman units as it can, the second wave tries to start eliminating them, the third wave mops up whatever is left.

I had refused the right flank so that I could use as many of my command cards as possible in the center/left to make up for the 4 vs 6 deficit the Celts have against the Romans. This worked for the most part, I only got caught in the last couple of turns with a stray Roman unit breaking into the right but by then the main battle was decided so it was more or less irrelevant.

However once again I had a decisive victory snatched away by getting on the wrong side of the morale rule due to some lousy dice throwing. With the Celts down just over 25% whilst the Romans were well over 50%, I think it was 17 die thrown and not a single flag pulled, sigh.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Royal Artillery in action:
Hinchliffe 25mm British Napoleonic

Charge of the Union Brigade at Waterloo:
Scots Greys, Blues and some Belgian Carabiner.
Old Glory and Hinchliffe 25mm British Napoleonics.