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CAPITÁN is a selection of rules designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance recognition, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border posts, incursions into enemy territory, actions against advanced camps, and all those situations where specific tasks were assigned to a few troops of their units.

In most cases these clashes included small combination of infantry and cavalry, where the training and preparation of the troops was important, unlike the big battles where the big formation groups and the way they were formed was very important (column, line, square, etc.). The gameplay is frenetic and highly addictive.
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The Capitan Rules and Unit Cards

Capitan Scenarios

Official Capitan scenarios are designed to be played on 60cm square game board. Adjust as necessary if using a larger game board.
To designate the location of troops and terrain in a scenario the game board is divided into four quadrants; NorthWest(1), NorthEast(2), SouthWest(3), South East(4).
Defending the bridge over the Cua
Action at Benavente Capitan

The Battle of the Stragglers
Cochrane takes Mongat Castle
Revenge of the Carabineros Reales
The Chasseurs de Montagne bring honor to their name
Ambush of the 10e Chasseurs
Craufurd's Light Brigade against 'les légeres'
The Charge of the 'Black Hussars'
The Despatches must be delivered
The Reconnaissance Party
The Germans Defended
Charge of the 13e Curassiers