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Revenge of the Carabineros Reales - A Capitan Scenario

CAPITÁN is a selection of rules designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance recognition, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border posts, incursions into enemy territory, actions against advanced camps, and all those situations where specific tasks were assigned to a few troops of their units.

This is a translation of Capitan Scenario Pack - Scenario #6.

Capitan scenarios are designed to be played on 60cm square game board, adjust as necessary if using a larger game board. To designate the location of troops and terrain in a scenario the game board is divided into four quadrants; NorthWest(1), NorthEast(2), SouthWest(3), South East(4). (For more details see Scenarios)

This scenario represents the historical action that took place at Yébenes on the 24th March 1809 covered by this post Disgrace of the Vistual Lancers.
Revenge of the Carabineros Reales

On March 23, 1809, the lancers of the Légion de la Vistule entered the city of Los Yébenes, but they realised that they had strayed too far ahead of the main body of their force, and therefore decided to withdraw to Orgaz. The withdrawal began, led by the regimental supply wagons, however once out of town the road runs through a very narrow gorge, and here the supply wagons were disarrayed when the Carabineros Reales, who had been waiting in ambush, attacked them. The Lancers now found themselves surrounded and launched a desperate attack on the Carabineros Reales to avoid being blocked, but they were defeated and lost 4 of their standards that had been left behind in a wagon.

A road traverses the board from west to east, all quadrants except quadrant 3 are dense forest (heavy wood) except for a 5cm strip on either side of the road. On the road, within 30cm of the west edge of the board place 3 supply wagons.

Colonel Konopka
1 or more units Lancers de la Legion Vistule (600 points)

Colonel Viscount Zolina
1 or more units Carabineros Reales (650 points).

Place anywhere on the eastern edge of the board or on the road, within 10cm of the edge.
The French are placed first.

Can be placed anywhere in the quadrant 3 or with the supply wagons.

For every wagon that is captured the Lancers earn 100 victory points, to capture a wagon at least two lancers must remain attached to the wagon for two turns, without any enemy unit within at least 20cm. For every wagon not seized, the Carabineros Reales earn 150 victory points.

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