Friday, October 01, 2010

More Napoleonic Flags from Battle Flags

Hot on the heels of last weeks releases here comes more goodies from BattleFlag.

From their announcement:
This week sees the release of two all new Brigade sheets for the British at Waterloo.

The first sheet of model flags contains the Kings and Regimental colours of the 6th Brigade:
2/35th (Sussex) Foot
1/54th (West Norfolk) Foot
59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Foot
1/91st Foot.

The second sheet contains wargame flags in either 28mm or 15mm for the 1st and 2nd Brigades, The Guards.

The 1st Brigade;
1st Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment
3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment

The 2nd Brigade;
2nd Battalion 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regiment
2nd Battalion 3rd (Scots) Foot Guards Regiment

There are now 32 individual flags covering 16 British Regiments of the Waterloo campaign on 4 Brigade sheets offering the modeller and collector high quality artwork at sensible prices.

As with the previous releases they are priced at GBP7.50 per sheet + pp. "high quality artwork at reasonable prices", can't complain with that, good stuff ! So take a look and give them a try, you can buy them here.

As I said last week, personally I think fabric is the way forward for 28mm flags but the majority of people are still going to want the more traditional paper flags for the foreseeable future and these fit the bill, especially if they keep up this pace for new releases. Anyway now that they have 4 English Brigades done I hope they will give the other Allies a bit of love and attention, Dutch-Belgians, KGL, Hanoverian's.

Note that with BattleFlags you get to choose the size of flags, which is very useful if you want these to fit in with your existing flags.
"Please specify the size of flag required when ordering. Flags available from 30mm to 40mm on the hoist. If not specified the standard size, 33.5mm, will be supplied. The client only need specify the dimensions they want, ie 36Fx33.5H (F=Fly or length and H=Hoist or height)."

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