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Cochrane takes Mongat Castle - A Capitan Scenario

CAPITÁN is a selection of rules designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance recognition, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border posts, incursions into enemy territory, actions against advanced camps, and all those situations where specific tasks were assigned to a few troops of their units.

This is a translation of Capitan Scenario Pack - Scenario #5.

Capitan scenarios are designed to be played on 60cm square game board, adjust as necessary if using a larger game board. To designate the location of troops and terrain in a scenario the game board is divided into four quadrants; NorthWest(1), NorthEast(2), SouthWest(3), South East(4). (For more details see Scenarios)

An alternate version of this scenario can be found here 'The taking of Mongat Castle – a raid of Lord Cochrane' - (First published in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy)

Cochrane takes Mongat Castle

In 1808 Captain Thomas Cochrane commanded the frigate HMS Imperieuse and was the scourge of the Spanish east coast, one of his most famous actions was the taking of Mongat Castle, aided by a band of Spanish guerrillas.

Place a fortified building (stone building) representing Mongat Castle in quadrant 3, quadrant 4 is dense forest (heavy woods), in the remaining two quadrants place scattered groups of trees (woods). A road runs from the castle to the north.

300 points in command units.
1 unit Gendarmes (400 points).
1 unit Grenadiers (500 points).

300 points in command units.
1 unit Marines (500 points).
1 unit crew of HMS Imperieuse (400 points).
1 unit Guerrillas (400 points).
Captain Cochrane.

Anywhere in quadrant 4 including in the castle, the French are placed first.

The guerrillas are placed with 10cm of the northwest edge, all other troops are placed within 10cm of the northeast edge.

If the British occupy the castle they earn 200 extra victory points.

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