Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Steve Barber Models 28mm Pavlov Grenadiers - Part 2

If you don't recall these see last week's post here.

Well the package arrived today from Caliver having placed the order last Thursday, excellent service as usual from the guys!

Ok, down to the figures, 24 Pavlov Grenadiers from Steve Barber Models , consisting of 10 NR34 Advancing low porte, 11 NR35 Advancing high porte, and one each of NR36 Officer in bicorne, NR37 Drummer and NR38 Standard bearer. These were on offer from Caliver GBP17.00 post free world wide.

The figures are 'Foundry' sized, by that I mean a perfect match to the British, though taller than the (very short) Austrians, say about 28mm to top of head, thats a noticeable couple of millimeter shorter than the Perry Miniatures figures which are 28mm to the eye ball. Bulk wise they are similar to Foundry, that's a little bit 'fatter' than PM but not such a big deal.

Quality wise they are pretty good sculpts, even if not spectacular, again pretty much in line with Foundry but not quite up their with PM at their best.

If you collect Foundry then these are well worth taking a look at, actually an absolute bargain, I have no hesitation in recommending them. On the other hand if you are into the PM/Victrix/WG 'slim' 28mm then Victrix's new Russians are probably a better match size wise though they work out at double the price which is something to bear in mind.

Still waiting for the Perry Carlist civilians, it's been a week since the Brunswickers, ordered the same day, arrived,  think I will have to email them to see what has happened, though I have yet to loose a package in over 10 years. Unfortunately Caliver's were out of stock on the 95'th decals

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Rob Edgar said...

I emailed the Perry's on Friday and as Murphy's Law predicts the things turned up Saturday anyway!!!

Nice figures, well worth buying!