Monday, October 17, 2011

More Hussar Sabretaches from BattleFlags

BattleFlags have been busy and have now 'filled in the gaps' in last weeks initial release, so now they have sabretaches for all 14 French Hussar regiments.

You may notice that some of the range have the tenue de campagne sabretache (i.e. the black ones) and others are the grande tenue (i.e. the fancy ones), the range will be extended to cover both as they source reliable information (good luck with that!) as Richard comments "I want to create as much choice as possible for the gamer and collector within the Battle Flag range".

Given that we know that the Hussars have a tendency for 'anything goes' in regards to their uniform a mix of tenue de campagne and grande tenue regiments, whilst maybe not completely accurate, works for me, after all Napoleonics should be fun and not boring!

Just to recap, these are designed to specifically fit the Perry 28mm Plastic Hussars. A set includes 14 sabretaches and saddle rolls and goes for GBP3.00.

As a bonus BattleFlag are currently offering to anyone who states that they are followers or readers of this blog, at point of order, free world wide shipping on all purchases of over 5.00GBP. You can't complain about that can you!

Further details or to buy click here

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flags of War - Lance Pennants

Flags of War have released several sets of generic lance pennants, some of which could be useful for your Napoleonic lancers and uhlans.

Priced at GBP1.75 for a set of 10.

More info click here

Friday, October 14, 2011

Battle Flags - Perry Hussar Sabretache and Saddle Roll Number Decals

Earlier this week I hinted that their was another supplier of Sabretaches waiting in the wings, well that was BattleFlags and as Richard explains they have been somewhat delayed due to ill health but today they are ready and have stepped forward and released their first sets of Sabretaches.

From their announcement:
New 28mm French Hussar Sabretache Transfers and Decals
I have just about recovered from a bout of pneumonia of all things, hence the rather slow output of late. But now mended I will be cracking on apace.

Just before I took ill I was about to release sabretache and saddle roll Regimental number sets for Perry’s excellent Plastic Hussars. One set of transfers provides enough waterslide transfers for wargamers to decal a complete boxed set.

The sabretaches are rather prominent and an elaborate feature on the hussars and these transfers allow the wargamer to create an excellent focal point on each figure.

Battle Flags wargame transfers will give superb results every time with uniformity and detail just not possible with a paintbrush. As with all our transfers they are true waterslide decals making them extremely simple to attach. Simply cut out, soak for 20-30 seconds and slide into place.

The saddle roll numbers just add that final touch for a superb finish to your miniature.

You can purchase these and any other transfers or flags from the Battle Flag range at or

They look really great and you can expect a lot more to come from Battle Flags in the very near future. I think the one sheet per regiment makes sense from a user perspective.

It's pretty amazing that in one week we go from no sabretache decals to having two different suppliers! Great work from both companies I think.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flags of War - New 28mm German States

Flags of War are pumping out new Napoleonic flags again and have just released a series of flags covering the German States.

Brunswick Infantry
1st Battalion - 2nd Battalion - 3rd Battalion

Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg
Regt 1-2-3 1808 - 1st Infantry Regiment - 2nd Infantry Regiment

Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg
3rd Infantry Regiment - 4th Infantry Regiment - Leib Regiment

Grand Duchy of Baden
2nd Regiment - 3rd Regiment - 4th Regiment

Nassau Infantry 1808 - 1815

More info or to buy click here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CAPITAN MINIATURES - A new miniatures manufacturer

I have mentioned Capitan Games quite a bit in the past here, they are the people behind the Capitan, Brigadier and Master & Commander, as well as other, rule sets.

Well it seems they are now branching out into miniatures under the appropriate banner of Capitan Miniatures and have some very interesting plans that surely do match their tag line of 'unusual miniatures'.

From their announcement:

Capitan Miniatures has been created to bring to the wargamers and collectors, a new line of wargame miniatures with three principal basis:

1st: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures designed to play with the Capitan Games wargame rules. Our first series will be MASTER & COMMANDER, miniatures of 18mm of naval units (naval officers, sailors, marines, and embarked troops), british, french, spanish and US. The series is done to play our new game of boarding actions in the Napoleonic Wars, MASTER & COMMANDER -CLOSE QUARTERS- that will be available in brief from CAPITAN GAMES

2nd : New ranges of Miniatures and periods that has not been casted before. In these range we will start with a series of the 28mm Spanish Guerrillas Units in the Peninsular War (1808-18014), and the first unit in the series will be The Lancers of Don Julian.

3rd: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures to complete existing ranges of other manufacturers. We will start with a mini-series of 28mm French Gendarmes d'Espagne, and Spanish Cazadores a Caballo, of the Peninsular War.

The collaboration of the wargamer or collector is essential for us, if you have any miniature or period that you want to see covered for us, send us an email to

Our miniatures are sculpted by some of the best miniature sculptors of the world like Mike Broadbend, and will be produced in Spain by a Joint Venture with WARMODELLING.

Although Naval and 18mm are not my "thing", the plans for 28mm figures are very interesting indeed mainly for the subject matter, Spanish Guerrillas, Don Julian Lancers, French Gendarmes, Spanish Cazadores!!!

These would be perfect for some skirmish scenarios with the Capitan rules, which obviously is partly the idea, but if you are into the Peninsular War in a big way I guess they will make good additions to your regular Spanish army.

It is refreshing to see someone new coming along that isn't just doing the same old figures that everyone else has already done, but instead is choosing to find a niche for themselves and fill in the gaps in other ranges. You have to applaud this, and I hope it turns out to be a successful venture for them. I also like they will be making them compatible with other ranges, though what those are remains to be seen, but these days you have to assume they mean 'Perry sized'.

No release date as yet, just 'coming soon', but something definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Here are a couple of shots of the 18mm greens (sorry no 28mm shots available at the moment).

For more info click here Capitan Miniatures

Monday, October 10, 2011

Perry Hussar Sabretache Decals From LBMS

Little Big Men Studios have announced the release of Sabretaches decals for the Perry plastic Hussars.

From Stephen Hales:

I have just finished a sheet of Hussar Sabretaches to fit the Perry plastic French Hussars, I started these ages ago and only just found time to finish. At present I have only done the 7th, 8th and 9th regiments, but I will do other regiments sheets. I have tried to reflect the constant changing of the designs through the Napoleonic period as cash became an issue some designs became more simplified. So there are designs for campaign, full dress, elite compaines and trumpeters and officers were they differ from the troopers.

The image attached is low res version of the actual sheet.

These look superb quality as you would expect from LBMS, and the officer and trumpeter sabretaches show the sort of attention to detail that really marks them out, great work!

They are priced at GBP7.00 plus postage per sheet, as noted only the 7e, 8, and 9e are currently available others are being worked on.

For more info and to buy
click here

You might recall last year I covered Sabretaches for the Perry Hussars when Aldo Stucco produced some fantastic graphics for Sabretaches for the 1er to 11e Hussard Regiments designed to fit the Perry Hussars. The big plus is they are free, the downside is you have to buy some decal paper, then print and cut them out yourself. Not really an impossible task but one where if you are lazy like me you find yourself wishing 'someone would do decals for these' even if it means paying for them, I know I did!

I have recently received three Hussard Regiments 1er, 6e and 7e and was in the process of getting some decal paper when a little birdie told me that commercial sabretache decals were in the pipeline (though not these from LBMS) so I decided to wait.

I don't think GBP7.00 for three regiments is an unreasonable price, I doubt it would end up cheaper if you did it yourself using the Aldo Stucco graphics. The only problem I see is that by grouping three regiments to a sheet it can work out quite expensive in total if you don't want those specific regiments. Assuming the sheets are eventually 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, I would need 3 different sheets to cover my specific 3 regiments which means GBP21.00 plus I end up with decals for 6 regiments I don't need! I suppose the answer will be to put the one's I don't want on EBay, I can foresee there being lively secondary market in these lol.

The only other point I should note is that if you look very carefully at Aldo's graphics you will notice the sabretaches are not symmetrical, that's because the actual Perry sabretaches weren't symmetrical either, whether it was a sculpting or casting error who knows, whereas the LBMS decals are correctly symmetrical. The difference at this scale is very tiny indeed, I assume the decals have been tested and it doesn't make any difference, I don't have a problem with that.
Steven corrected me and pointed out that the LBMS decals are in fact also non-symmetrical and were based off a scan of the Perry sabretache so they fit perfectly!!!

As they say you pays your money and you takes your choice, these are currently the only commercial sabretache decals available and are well worth it in my opinion, I have no idea when the other sheets will be available from LBMS though I think they are needed sooner rather than later to make it practical to use all LBMS decals.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Warhammer Historicals Waterloo 1/2 Price Sale

The "Waterloo" rule set from Warhammer Historical that we mentioned here a while back are now on sale at half price (actually all Warhammer Historical books are currently on sale). That means that at the moment you can pick up this rule set for GBP18.00 plus postage (GBP3.00 for ROW). No idea of when the sale ends but it is 'for a limited period only'.

Although at full price I didn't think this was a set worth picking up, I think at this price it's a no brainer, definitely worth adding to the 'collection'.

For more info or to buy you can click here.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

New arrivals at MMPS

MMPS (Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service) have just restocked the 28mm French Napoleonic command figures painted by Chris Leason.

A big new bunch of French Command figures, painted by the talented Chris Leason, has arrived at MMPS.

And that's not all. We now also have French and British casualty figures that you can use as markers in your games. Same story here, I still need to finish their bases and then these will be for sale in the Bits & Pieces section of this website.

French marechals d'Empire, generals, colonels and ADC are now for sale in the Bits & Pieces section. These were all painted by Mr. Chris Leason for MMPS.

British and french casuallty markers will follow somewhere next week.

These are all mean't to complement the painted Perry plastic figures which are MMPS's main line of business. The command figures are priced at USD10.00 each and are well worth it at that price, I have a few already and I keep adding more of them whenever I place an order with MMPS. I have no hesitation in recommending them. You can see them here.