Friday, October 14, 2011

Battle Flags - Perry Hussar Sabretache and Saddle Roll Number Decals

Earlier this week I hinted that their was another supplier of Sabretaches waiting in the wings, well that was BattleFlags and as Richard explains they have been somewhat delayed due to ill health but today they are ready and have stepped forward and released their first sets of Sabretaches.

From their announcement:
New 28mm French Hussar Sabretache Transfers and Decals
I have just about recovered from a bout of pneumonia of all things, hence the rather slow output of late. But now mended I will be cracking on apace.

Just before I took ill I was about to release sabretache and saddle roll Regimental number sets for Perry’s excellent Plastic Hussars. One set of transfers provides enough waterslide transfers for wargamers to decal a complete boxed set.

The sabretaches are rather prominent and an elaborate feature on the hussars and these transfers allow the wargamer to create an excellent focal point on each figure.

Battle Flags wargame transfers will give superb results every time with uniformity and detail just not possible with a paintbrush. As with all our transfers they are true waterslide decals making them extremely simple to attach. Simply cut out, soak for 20-30 seconds and slide into place.

The saddle roll numbers just add that final touch for a superb finish to your miniature.

You can purchase these and any other transfers or flags from the Battle Flag range at or

They look really great and you can expect a lot more to come from Battle Flags in the very near future. I think the one sheet per regiment makes sense from a user perspective.

It's pretty amazing that in one week we go from no sabretache decals to having two different suppliers! Great work from both companies I think.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice! Blanket roll numbers are a good idea, and the pack size is convenient.

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