Monday, April 09, 2007

6mm Terrain

I have recently been creating terrain specifically for 6mm hex based gaming using 1.4mm PPFoam basing.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

WWI dogfighting Knights of the Sky

A week ago we tried an afternoon of WW1 dogfighting using the Knights of the Sky rules from Wargamers Journal.

You start of as a rookie pilot and the idea is as you get more kills you progress to seasoned and eventually an ace. At rookie level the game is not that interesting to be honest, my recomendation is start of at seasoned.

It was fun but not sure if it was compelling enough to make me want to play it again. I didn't get the thrill or flavor of dog fighting, yes I know I am probably looking for a "movie" type dogfight rather thana real simulation but this game is supposed to be fun more than anything else a "beer and pretzel" type game.

I subsequently came across another ruleset here this looks like it might have been the inspiration for Knights of the Sky. I like this ruleset for its complete simplicity, intend to give it a try and see if it gives more of the dogfight feel.