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I have never been able to find out what happened but after almost non-stop contact with Uwe for over a year as he developed the Chevauleger all communication abruptly ended the day he notified me that they were finally ready to purchase!

I have tried many times and via different routes to contact Uwe to find out what was going on with these figures but sadly I have never received any response. 

So enjoy the pictures on this page, as as far as I know they are the only ones ever to exist, such a shame that a beautiful and unique set of cavalry will never see the light of day.

Well, congratulations are due to Uwe, his 28mm Württemberg Chevauxleger are now complete and on sale!

You can download the pdf catalog by clicking here.

Order's are placed with Uwe via email, the address is in the attached catalog. Now Uwe cautions that because he often has to travel for his regular 'day job' delivery can take a while, expect 3-6 weeks for him to process an order, and outside of Europe shipping fees can be very high, please note these points well, I wouldn't want to see anyone running off to TMP to complain the weekend after having placed an order!

All prices are in Euro's, he does have a PayPal account so that is probably your best bet for making a payment to him. The horse/rider combinations shown in the catalog can be changed if you so wish, just some combinations may require a little bit of extra work to fit together. There is currently no minimum order size, so there is no problem with placing sample orders if you wish to just 'test the waters' and see for yourself what the figures look like.

As Uwe has previously mentioned this is just the start of a whole new line and he has plans for
Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd (Chasseurs a Cheval), Line-Infantry 1812 and Baden Hussars 1812 in the near future.

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Finally some more pictures of this wonderful set of figures:

I would just like to add I have no commercial connection with Uwe, I am just a fan of his great work, however I am more than willing to help out if you have any questions or problems, feel free to post comments here on this blog should you wish.
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