Thursday, October 06, 2011

Warhammer Historicals Waterloo 1/2 Price Sale

The "Waterloo" rule set from Warhammer Historical that we mentioned here a while back are now on sale at half price (actually all Warhammer Historical books are currently on sale). That means that at the moment you can pick up this rule set for GBP18.00 plus postage (GBP3.00 for ROW). No idea of when the sale ends but it is 'for a limited period only'.

Although at full price I didn't think this was a set worth picking up, I think at this price it's a no brainer, definitely worth adding to the 'collection'.

For more info or to buy you can click here.


John de Terre Neuve said...

I most useful piece of info, I wanted the book, but probably not used the rules, half price pushed me to buy it.

Thanks for the notification,


Robert said...

Just got my copy in the post today.

Not had a chance to do more than flick through it but regardless of what the rules turn out like the book itself is very impressive.

Fons @ MMPS said...

I ordered a copy today, I hope it won't get "lost in the mail" cause Christmas time is a dangerous time at the Philippines post office. :-)