Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CAPITAN MINIATURES - A new miniatures manufacturer

I have mentioned Capitan Games quite a bit in the past here, they are the people behind the Capitan, Brigadier and Master & Commander, as well as other, rule sets.

Well it seems they are now branching out into miniatures under the appropriate banner of Capitan Miniatures and have some very interesting plans that surely do match their tag line of 'unusual miniatures'.

From their announcement:

Capitan Miniatures has been created to bring to the wargamers and collectors, a new line of wargame miniatures with three principal basis:

1st: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures designed to play with the Capitan Games wargame rules. Our first series will be MASTER & COMMANDER, miniatures of 18mm of naval units (naval officers, sailors, marines, and embarked troops), british, french, spanish and US. The series is done to play our new game of boarding actions in the Napoleonic Wars, MASTER & COMMANDER -CLOSE QUARTERS- that will be available in brief from CAPITAN GAMES

2nd : New ranges of Miniatures and periods that has not been casted before. In these range we will start with a series of the 28mm Spanish Guerrillas Units in the Peninsular War (1808-18014), and the first unit in the series will be The Lancers of Don Julian.

3rd: Individual miniatures or series of miniatures to complete existing ranges of other manufacturers. We will start with a mini-series of 28mm French Gendarmes d'Espagne, and Spanish Cazadores a Caballo, of the Peninsular War.

The collaboration of the wargamer or collector is essential for us, if you have any miniature or period that you want to see covered for us, send us an email to info@capitanminiatures.com

Our miniatures are sculpted by some of the best miniature sculptors of the world like Mike Broadbend, and will be produced in Spain by a Joint Venture with WARMODELLING.

Although Naval and 18mm are not my "thing", the plans for 28mm figures are very interesting indeed mainly for the subject matter, Spanish Guerrillas, Don Julian Lancers, French Gendarmes, Spanish Cazadores!!!

These would be perfect for some skirmish scenarios with the Capitan rules, which obviously is partly the idea, but if you are into the Peninsular War in a big way I guess they will make good additions to your regular Spanish army.

It is refreshing to see someone new coming along that isn't just doing the same old figures that everyone else has already done, but instead is choosing to find a niche for themselves and fill in the gaps in other ranges. You have to applaud this, and I hope it turns out to be a successful venture for them. I also like they will be making them compatible with other ranges, though what those are remains to be seen, but these days you have to assume they mean 'Perry sized'.

No release date as yet, just 'coming soon', but something definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Here are a couple of shots of the 18mm greens (sorry no 28mm shots available at the moment).

For more info click here Capitan Miniatures


Ray Rousell said...

Interesting???? I'll check them out, thanks!

Rodger said...

Cool looking fig's.