Monday, October 18, 2010

More Victrix Updates - Lots of Austrian Greens

Hmm so there was me saying on Friday that they wouldn't be released until June and today they show some greens, actually quite a lot of greens!

From their announcement:

These are some first photos of master models for our upcoming plastic Austrian sets.
 Austrians in helmets

Austrians in shakos
Austrian grenadiers

Austrian Landwehr
The sets will comprise of 36 or 48 figures, (this is to be decided so please send us your views on this) Some customers have already commented that they would prefer the 48 man size units for some rules sets as Austrians did field larger Battalions than most other European nations.

The main position will be march attack pose as this is the most frequently requested position. However there will be extra arm postitions to add the character and conversion possibilities you have come to expect form our figures.

The command sprue will be separate on these sets so you dont have any command figures left over. As well as a great looking officer, standard bearer, drummer and sergeant options we have included a fantastic mounted officer. The arms of the foot and mounted officer are interchangeable so you can get lots of variety of pose.

The figures are having a few minor changes done to them at present and then we will update you again with some more photos.

 No exact release date for these at present but we are looking at early 2011.

"early 2011"
Do I have to eat my hat?
Well if they do meet that target I will be seriously impressed and will promise to buy twice as much as I would have intended.

If I was running Victrix, and I am not, I would drop everything else and make sure these get out on time if not early, they are the first thing they have produced to date that has both a market and someone hasn't already produced the same thing, but then again what do I know about anything!

As ever these are great sculpts, that has never been the issue has it, I hope we see them as '3 piece' figure's so they are easy to assemble but have some variety, and YES to big battalions. The Austrians in helmets are mainly for the earlier period to match the Russian, by 1809 there were only a few left in helmets I believe, and its really 1809 onwards that we are interested in but the shako are good from then on. It looks to me like we are looking at two basic body poses in the picture, I assume we will get one or two sets with lots of different types of head so you can do helmet's or shako's as you desire?

It would be nice to mix some of the Perry/WG Prussians units up with Austrians, I think we are going to have to because whilst I assume Perry will come up with Cavalry and Artillery I am not sure about Victrix doing the same for the Austrians any time soon but you never know.

For Victrix I will get all excited about this news, though in reality we need to see a lot more than a couple of March Attack figures to complete an Army but if not eat my hat I will take my hat of to them, though I still fear that my June date may be nearer reality than their early 2011, unless things have really turned the corner at Victrix.

Anyway great stuff guys, just keep it up!

Oh and do the Limber Team........

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