Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steve Barber Models 28mm Pavlov Grenadiers

Earlier this month Victrix launched their metal Russian 28mm range which included 1805-1808 Pavlov's, so I don't think it can be a coincidence that today I received an email from Caliver, 24+(?) Pavlov Grenadiers from Steve Barber Models GBP17.50 world wide post free! On the SBModels site all the Russian's are marked as 1812-1815 so not direct competition to Victrix.

You can't complain about a price like that can you?

Ok so this is a range I wasn't aware of or had forgotten about, just took a look over their site, the figure are a bit hit and miss, there are some great looking figures but also some not so great unfortunately.

These look great.

As does this.

But then these are not so hot.

Then there is the question what size are these, big 28's, small 28's "Perry" size?
They look to me without anything to measure them against, so I could be way off, "Foundry" sized.

.. and can't find a pic of the Pavlov's anywhere...

but the price is tempting...

So do they look like this, short or tall mitre?

Basically for me at this price it's worth picking up if they fit in with Perry sized 28's.

So anyone out their know what size they are, any comparison shots?

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Rob Edgar said...

Well I went and placed an order anyway.

At least I will get to see what they are like IRL and I can always paint them up and put them on EBay if they don't really match what I have.