Saturday, October 02, 2010

Victrix Early Russians go on sale

Victrix have now released the first of their early Russians which they had announced a while back.

From their announcement:
The first packs of Early Russians have just arrived from Griffin moulds. They have been added to the shopping cart and are ready to order.

We are working on the command packs for the Grenadiers and Pavlovski Grenadiers at present and they should be ready by end of October or early November.

Great value Battalion and Brigade deals will be added to the shop in the next few days.

Also Steve is currently working on some Russian flag sheets. We hope to have them ready in November.

They are currently priced at GBP10.00 for a pack of 8, but as they say above Battalion and Brigade deals will be up soon, I guess pretty much as they have done for the Cacadores, so maybe 40 figures for around GBP38.00 in the Battalon deal and 117 figures or GBP115.00 in the Brigade deal.

If early Russians are your thing these look pretty good to me, the command pack pictured above looks superb don't you think? I just wonder what will they mix with though, as this is only the very start of a line and you get the impression that Victrix are not exactly fast in releasing new figures, and how many people are into early Russians and need to buy more at this moment?

Anyway, good luck to them!

You can order them from their site, click on the pics to jump to their store.

Plus I can't finish a Victrix post without my obligatory bitch about the British Limber Team...

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