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The Chasseurs de Montagne bring honor to their name - A Capitan Scenario

CAPITÁN is a selection of rules designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance recognition, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border posts, incursions into enemy territory, actions against advanced camps, and all those situations where specific tasks were assigned to a few troops of their units.

This is a translation of Capitan Scenario Pack - Scenario #8.

Capitan scenarios are designed to be played on 60cm square game board, adjust as necessary if using a larger game board. To designate the location of troops and terrain in a scenario the game board is divided into four quadrants; NorthWest(1), NorthEast(2), SouthWest(3), South East(4). (For more details see Scenarios)

This scenario outlines an action involving the Chasseurs de Montagne who were the subject of a previous post on this blog covering their history and uniform and represents the historical action at Venasque that was covered in this post Roquemaurel and the Chasseurs de Montagne.

The Chasseurs de Montagne bring honor to their name

In 1809 a base of operations for the Chasseurs de Montagne was organized in Jaca, from there a detachment was dispatched with the objective of taking the Matarile heights which dominate the plain of Venasque.

In quadrant 2 there is a hill which represents the Matarile heights (steep hills), the other quadrants are gentle rolling hills and scattered, dense forests (heavy wood).

Sub-Lieutenant Rangel of the Chasseurs de Montagne.
2 units Chasseurs de Montagne (500 points each).

350 points of command units.
300 points of Infantry.
300 points of Grenadiers.
300 points of Barón de Eroles Partisans.

Anywhere along the west side of the board within 10cm of the edge.

The Spanish are placed first, anywhere in quadrants 2 and 4 but not within charge distance of any enemy unit.

If the French clear, even if only for one turn, the Matarile hill of Spanish troops, they earn 200 victory points.
The Matarile Hill is considered mountain terrain(steep hills).

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