Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Miniature Design Studios Warbands are back

OK so this is a Napoleonic's blog but about once a month I end up doing one 'off-Topic' post and this is the one for this month!

Miniature Design Studios are a fairly new producer of 28mm white metal miniatures, exclusively focused on ancients. They first appeared on the scene, if I recall correctly, about 18 months ago and had these great 'Warband' deals which worked out around 50p per figure and with their postage being only GBP5.50 worldwide they were an absolute steal, a complete no brainer. Last year the range was also expanding very rapidly and they seemed to have some momentum behind them.

Anyway the figures are all the 'small' proportionate style 28mm, actually very similar in size to the WG plastic ancients, that also should make them compatible with GB's and Immortal's new plastic ranges I believe. Overall they are a pretty good quality, I see them mainly as a cheap way to bulk out an army, whilst perhaps not being the best they are good enough for that purpose. The Achaemenid Persians, Sassanid Persians, Berbers, Celts and Saxons were excellent, I don't think you can find fault with them, the Picts and Greeks were IMHO howlers. I also quite like the Berber cavalry, I would have preferred to see EBob horses but these are not terrible. To be honest these days any 28mm producer who needs horses should just licencee them from EBob, you have less work to do, we getter better horses who can complain.

Then at the beginning of January they abruptly announced a new pricing model and the end of the 'Warband' deals, it effectively meant that prices had doubled overnight and ever since they went very quite with no new releases, I had started to think they were probably dead.

Well just as abruptly I have noticed this week that the 'Warband' deals have returned and once more you can buy their range for 50p per figure. Not only that but they have announced that they will soon be adding new figures to their range, with Hittites, Celts, Picts, Saxons and Israelites getting specific mention.

If you are in to ancients, or want to add some variety into some of the new plastic ranges take a look, at GBP25.00 for 50 figures the 'Warbands' have to be worth at least a try don't you agree?

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