Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's in a name?

I should be back up to speed with the blog by the weekend, a work project is almost over.

I am currently mulling over a change of name for this blog.

It appears that Google for some reason doesn't like my blog name and says I am a 'cybersquatter', though they won't be specific and say exactly why they think that, just that I am one, frustrating!

I can only assume either they mean the MW magazine but they have their own site which is not the same as this, or maybe they mean a domain currently not in use but up for sale at only $2,800!!

Whichever it is or if it's for some other reason Google don't like it at all, and as it's hard to find someone at Google to appeal for some commonsense I am not sure whether caving in isn't the best option.

Not a decision to take likely as it changes the url of the site, which means this blog effectively dies and reappears as a new one though the content will be saved.

So what to call the new blog? Hmmmmm...


Zac said...

Unless they provide details tell them to go stuff it.

Rob Edgar said...

Well ideas at the moment are:
The Miniature Wargamer

The Napoleonic Wargamer

The Napoleonics Page

The Napoleonic Pages

scottsz said...

House of Edgar

Wargame Table

Tiny Victories

Small But Mighty

Wargame Rack

Small Command

Conquer The Table