Tuesday, October 05, 2010

la Guerra de la Independencia en los tebeos

A while back I posted about Spanish Napoleonic Comics, well here is a second dose!

If you can read Spanish there is an excellent (and long) article about this exact subject here, there is a wonderful shot of a squadron of Curassiers mounted the wrong way round! You can see it below if you don't want to download the article, the officer is calling his men a bunch of cowards and threatening them with being sent to Russia for the winter! The article originates from the magazine Researching&Dragona, nº6

The first set of pictures here are from a post on the GUERRA DE LA INDEPENDENCIA 1808-1814 blog, the second set of 4 are from the 'Asterix' era and came from this blog which is dedicated to Spanish 'classic' comics in general. The bottom picture is from a pamphlet for a 2008 exhibition the original can be found here. The artwork on the Talavera piece was by Dionisio Álvarez Cueto who some of you will be familiar with, if not you can look here.

All these are sadly just a single pictures rather than the actual comics, but here is a link to one comic  that you can download or read online, this one is about Dos de Mayo and Goya, more an educational piece than a 'Sharpe' style adventure.

In the Asterix style

Or next winter you will be in Russia!

Historietas sobre la Guerra de Independencia

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Tony said...

I enjoyed reading the comics (well looking at the pictures any way) in your earlier post. I'll check these out later, thanks for the links.