Saturday, October 02, 2010

WG Prussian Landwehr Deals

I read on the WG site that the boxes have already been printed up and the sprues are expected to arrive next week, so the release must be really immanent!

In anticipation of that seems WG have put up some bargains deals on their site.

From their announcement:
With the imminent release of our new plastic Prussian Landwehr boxed set we’ve pulled together the following deals so you can put together your Prussian army quickly and cost effectively. So, whether you’re wanting to refight Ligny, Leipzig or Plancenoit look no further than here.

Prussians At Ligny Special Offer

At the Battle of Ligny (16th June 1815) II Battalion, 1st Westphalian Landwehr withstood 3 charges by French Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry of the Old Guard, driving the French back each time with volley fire.
• 5 Prussian Landwehr boxes
• Free box of Landwehr (saving you £17!)

Prussians At Plancenoit Special Offer

Decisive assault on Plancenoit from Bulow’s IV Corps and Pirch’s II Corps helped win the day for the allies. Landwehr battalions from Elbe, Neumark, Pomerania and Silesia were all present and fought bravely.
• 10 Prussian Landwehr boxes
• Free Black Powder rulebook (saving you £30!)
You can take advantage of these great deals on our webstore here or you can always give us a call.

They look pretty good deals to me, though does someone really want 10 boxes of Landwehr (grin), anyway I already have Black Powder so that's not really of interest personally but YMMV.

FYI if even 6 boxes of Landwehr is too much for you, then take a look at Caliver they have them on offer at GBP15.00 per box and Caliver is post free worldwide if you spend GBP16.50 or more. Xmas starts here!

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