Friday, October 15, 2010

More Prussians coming from WG

Warlord Games have previewed some new Napoleonic Prussians to go with their recently released Plastic Landwehr:

Oh, come now – you didn’t think we’d stop at plastic Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr did you? Take a butchers at the new sculpts for this range which are due for release in the not-too-distant future…

These dynamic casualty miniatures are just the thing to mix in with your regiments for a gritty dose of reality. The poor fellows have been knocked off their feet! These would also make for excellent elements in a cinematic diorama. In the pack will also be two dead landwehr – great to use as casualty markers in your games of Black Powder or to add to your bases for even more atmosphere.

Check out our Landwehr at trail – the separate right arms gives you bags of variation whilst retaining a uniform look to the unit. We also have Landwehr pikemen on the way too…

Well great news!!
They look very interesting to me, great looking sculpts, and interesting to see that after the 'one piece' design of the first set these are multipart, well at least two piece's anyway, but that's enough to give you a lot of scope to make your units look more life like and not just a bunch of robots. If I recall correctly the Pike armed Landwehr would only be appropriate for some of the units and the first half of 1813 only, by the middle of the year they were all properly armed with muskets.

Personally I like this compromise between the 'one peice' design of the first set and the mega multipart design of say Victrix's sets, though I think on balance I still would like separate heads as being able to slightly change the head position adds a lot.

Of course it's a trade off isn't it, the more pieces there are in a figure the longer they will take to assemble and some of those Victrix sets seem to take forever to assemble, but they do also allow you to create a variety of poses and make units look more life like. The 'one piece' design is quick to complete ideal for the wargamer who wants them on the table today but they don't really allow for much opportunity to customize.

I think this set has it 'just about right', I am impressed and surprised in a way, I sort of expected WG might just settle with the one box for now and then release a small bunch of really expensive metal figures as they tend to have done in the past, well I can't wait for the 'not-too-distant-future' to come around!

But I guess it will be after xmas.... but you can always hope!

Anyway I am still waiting for my Landwehr sets to arrive, hopefully they will be here in the next day or so, however I did receive the Prussians Flags today that I ordered from Solway Crafts, these are their new 'linen' flags, I will post about them in a day or so and hopefully put up some pics.


Paul Sawyer said...

Some of the metal Prussian models will be released before Christmas - if not everything you've seen so far (and some you haven't!).

Rob Edgar said...

Oooh!! Lots to look forward to then this xmas, Paul.

To paraphrase, "ship it and the orders will come"...

... well at least from me ...

Having said that the postman has just knocked on the door with my Plastic Landwehr!!

The metal WGN21's weren't in the package but are promised to follow soon.

Well enough to keep me busy for this week.