Sunday, October 31, 2010

CAPITAN 1813-1814 Released

Great news from  CAPITAN GAMES, the 1813-1814 variant for Capitan has been released.

From their announcement:
Capitan 1813 - 1814 new units released
We have released the new supplement for our Napoleonic small units game CAPITAN.

New units and officers to play the Liberation Wars 1813, and the Campaign of France in 1814. Napoleon against all the Allies, units from Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Wutemburg, Bavarian, Hanover, British Freikorps,  German Minor States, and the new French Guard Units, and the veterans of the Russian campaign. A total of 392 ¡¡¡¡¡ new units.

This is excellent news, the timing is just right with WG having released the Landwehr a few weeks ago, Perry expected to release some metals shortly, ahead of their main plastic release next year, and then promises of plastic Austrians from Victrix early next year, 1813-1814 should be the 'hot' period for Napoleonics for the next year.

The rules are the same as for Capitan but with new Unit Card's.
These are broken down as follows.
French (96)
Austria (40)
Prussia (64)
Russia (64)
Bavaria (40)
Wurttemberg (24)
Hanover (16)
British (32)
Sweden (16)

For those that don't know Capitan is a 'large skirmish' level game for miniatures, originally focused on the Peninsular War and 1813-1814 is a supplement to that version. The game revolves around the 'unit' rather than the individual 'character' as with some other skirmish games. A 'unit' may represent a single figure or a group of figures, though most often it is a group of figures, each unit has its 'Unit Card' which gives you all its strength and capabilities. It can be played with a very small force on a very small table ('official' scenarios are often targeted at a 4'x4' table) but equally it can be used for larger forces and large tables (my preference).

The rules and cards are free to download, you then print out the cards, cut them up, laminate them if you like, and your ready to go.

If you want a professionally printed version of 1813-1814, Capitan-Games now have a 'Project50' scheme where you email them expressing your interest to buy the printed version, then once they have 75 people signed up they will ask you to pay via their online shop and then arrange for them to be printed and sent to you. The 'printed' game consists of all the unit cards printed in full color on card board and laser precut, plus the rules which maybe in color or b&w (Capitan was b/w). I am already 'signed up'.

If you want any of their games printed, simply send an email to

The original Capitan was available printed (and still is, I bought a copy, the quality is excellent), as they had printed up a lot of copies ahead of the release and this new scheme is I assume a reaction to their experiences with that approach and is fair I think to both sides when the demand is unpredictable and the company is small.

The rules and unit card's are  available here.

Now it's been released I will start to publish a few scenarios for it, 'Ambush At Schwegnitz' should be the first and I hope to get that out in the next day or so and also I hope to provide a bit more focus on the 1813-1814 period.

Stay tuned.


John de Terre Neuve said...


I was curious, how do you think Capitan would work with very asymmetric battles, like La Haie Sainte and Hougomont. I use Lasalle ruleset, which I really like, but I am having trouble working it out for these type of battles.


Rob Edgar said...

Well the first thing would be to say that Capitan and Lasalle are not really comparable, they have quite different scopes, 'Brigadier', which coincidentally was released today, is more the match for Lasalle (I will post about it later today).

That said I think Capitan actually does play extremely well for asymmetric engagements, some of the best scenarios I have played have had very lop sided OB's, though getting the VC's right is the key.

My concern on LHS and Hougomont is that they were in reality large battalion assaults rather than small unit skirmishes. I can understand why Lasalle wouldn't fit but I also think Capitan is small unit and lacks battalion level integrity, actually this might just fit 'Brigadier' nicely.

I can think of a few small scale actions for LHS and Hougomont that might play well, like a resupply run for LHS or clearing the garden in Hougomont.

The nice thing it costs nothing to give it a try.