Monday, November 01, 2010

More book madness

Well as I mentioned previously I have been buying a lot of second hand books from Amazon of late, however the one problem with Amazon's 'cheap' books is postage, I know it might be different in the US and UK but for the RoW we have to pay about $12 or GBP10 per book regardless of how many book you buy or what there value is, so 20 books would be GBP200 to ship, even for GBP5.00 books.

Anyway it got me to thinking was there a cheaper alternative and I decided to go take a look at Caliver's second hand books last weekend, I went though there list picking hardcover books for around GBP5 or less in excellent to near mint condition. In the end I picked up 20 books, with Caliver I only pay for shipping on the first 4 books the rest are free, so postage alone saved me GBP170. Of course they don't have the range of Amazon but there was enough to make it worth while, I am well pleased.

I will say that I haven't bought second hand books from Caliver before so I don't know how their quality 'rating' system stacks up, whereas with Amazon it has proved very reliable and accurate, top rate stuff only, so this is a bit of a shot in the dark, but otherwise I know Caliver well and have been very happy with them.

Here is what I bought, maybe a mixed bag but there are some really interesting one's that I wanted and all sound good and can you complain about GBP125 including postage for the lot.

Waterloo - New Perspectives - The Great Battle Reappraised
Hamilton-Williams, David

The Subaltern; A chronicle of the Peninsular War
Gleig, George Robert; Robertson, Ian C.

Soldier of the Seventy-First
Hibbert, Christopher

Reifleman: Elite Soldiers Of The Wars Against Napoleon
Elliot-Wright, Philipp

The Reluctant King - Joseph Bonaparte King of the Two Sicilies and Spain
Ross, Michael

Recollections of an old 52nd Man
Dobbs, Capt L

The Peninsula Veterans

The Napoleonic Soldier
Maughan,Stephen e.

Napoleons Invasion of Russia 1812
Tarle Eugene

Napoleons Cavalry and its Leaders

Napoleon in Russia
Palmer, Alan

Napoleon 1812
Nicolson, Nigel

History of the War in the Peninsula
Napier, Maj.Gen. Sir William

Guards Officer In The Peninsula: Peninsular War Letters of John Rous, Coldstream Guards, 1812-14 Fletcher, I (ed)

Escape From The French - Captains Hewsons Narrative 1803-1809
Brett-james, antony

The Emperors Last Victory
Rothenberg, Gunther

Albuera : Wellingtons Peninsular Campaign of 1811

Adventures in the Revolution and Under the Consulate
Jonnes, Moreau de

1812 Through The Fire and Ice With Napoleon: A French Officers Memoir Of The Campaign In Russia
Labaume, E.

A Soldier for Napoleon - The Campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmann 7th Bavarian Infantry
Gill,John h.

Campaigning For Napoleon: The Diary of a Napoleonic cavalary officer 1806-1813
Maurice de Tascher

Anyway if you are interested take a look at their site. Caliver

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