Monday, November 22, 2010

Renegade - New 28mm WOTR Range

OK so not Napoleonic's but as anyone who has seen my 28mm collection knows Renegade is the 'one' for me, I tend to buy anything they produce.

Well, they have just announced a 'new' range, and it's quite a surprise, almost as big a surprise as the Napoleonic's range was and I must say in my opinion more up their street than the Napoleonic's.

With the Perry's having this year released several WOTR plastic sets in 28mm who would have expected anyone to release a new metal range! I expect that as with the Napoleonic's, Renegade will design this range to match in with the Perry's figure, this will be great news as we will be able to mix and match between the two ranges and at GBP 0.43 per figure it is going to be a 'must have' range.

Actually I had been holding off on buying the Perry WOTR because I had enough to spend my money on with all the new Napoleonic's this year but now WOTR will be on my 'list' for 2011!

Renegade promise infantry soon with cavalry and field pieces to follow, and from what you can see of the green's they do look fantastic, on first look's not your typical 'Renegade' style at all.

What is more they have the 5-4-4 offer (5 for the price of 4) back on across all their range's so whether it's the new WOTR or the Napoleonic's its GBP 12.95 for 24 foot or 8 mounted.

You do wonder whether the Renegade guys have their own secret Tin mine in Cornwall that makes them immune to the economics that every other miniatures manufacturer works under.

Can't wait!


Rob Edgar said...

A blogger oddity, somehow this post got 'stuck' in the system for the last couple of days, I was wondering why no one had viewed it lol

Steve said...

Does this mean we can look forward to a WOTR Wargamer blog in 2011?

Rob Edgar said...

Well I know FA about WOTR so it would 'The Idiots Guide to WOTR', though some would say I know FA about Napoleonic's either!!

All that aside, this blog takes up more than enough time already though I would like to do more ...

Steve said...

WOTR? The winners cheated (according to the wife!)

Rob Edgar said...

I have had confirmation from Renegade that this range IS designed to be compatible with the Perry plastics.

Rob Edgar said...

Also included in the first batch will be Billmen, Archers, Command and Field Pieces.

The cavalry have almost been finished and should become available soon after the initial release.