Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gearing Up for the Big Move

I am moving house next Saturday, so my 'Wargames Room' is getting all packed up at present, we have been in our present house for 15 years or so, lots of rubbish to get rid of before next weekend.

We're only moving 500 yds down the road but as I have learnt 500 yds or 500 miles doesn't make a lot of difference, it's still a PITA.

Trully sad thing is it will be goodbye to my wargames room for at least a few years.

I originally lost my wargames room when my kids came along 25 years ago, but as they went off to University I got it back and the last few years have been great, however a combination of kids moving back home after University and our new house having had the 'spare room' knocked into the Master Bedroom (which sold my wife on it) means I am out of luck, at least until my daughter decides to get married and move to Australia.

I have been promised a small area with a desk in our bedroom though I remain to be convinced how my wife is going to react to sleeping with the smell of drying enamel paint in the air!

As I begin to pack it all up my wife has said it will be 'interesting' as she put's it to find out exactly how many 'soldiers' I actually have (it's generally a closely kept secret LOL).

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