Saturday, November 13, 2010

Warlord Games Prussian Confusion

I have been catching up a bit today, so I noticed that Warlord Games announced the release of some new metal Prussian's earlier this week, chief amongst these was the Prussian Landwehr mounted command that you can see below.

Well take a look at the Prussian Landwehr foot command they released about a month ago, below.

Am I mistaken or are they both marked as WGN-PRU-21?

My interest in this question is not purely academic, if you read my earlier post's on WG's Prussians you might recall I ordered the foot command a month or so back, but they still haven't arrived, they're supposed to be on back order and promised 'soon'. Anyway this has me now wondering whether the retailer thinks I ordered the mounted command which haven't yet shipped when in fact I meant the foot command which should have shipped a while ago.

I posted this question on WG's Forum but I am not holding my breath, I have posted 4 times in the last 3 month's on their forums and not once has the post shown up, they really do have the worst forum software on the net. Anyway think I will have to shoot an email off to the retailer to see if the order has indeed been screwed up.

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