Sunday, November 21, 2010

Victrix Round Up

A few Victrix announcements for the last couple of weeks, including notice of a January price increase:

17th November - Old Guard Chasseurs ready for pre-order

We are very pleased to announce that the Chasseurs are now ready for pre-order. Once stocks have been built up we expect them to start shipping from the 29th November onwards.

To tie in with the release of this splendid set of figures, we have had the multi limbed and very talented Mr Paul Hicks sculpt some personality figures for the the Old Guard. He has done a mounted Grenadier and Chasseur colonel and also a Grenadier and Chasseur Pioneer. These are not on general release, however we have put together some great multi box deals were you can get these figures free with your order. If you order two boxes you can have a colonel and a pioneer, if you order 4 boxes you can get the 2 colonels and 2 pioneers. These deals will come in very useful for fielding the old Guard regiments at Waterloo.

Well what to say, they are very nice figures, not surprising really, the Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers get my vote for the best set of 2010, if not best set ever in 28mm plastics. I do wonder though how different are the Chasseurs to the Grenadiers and could not these have been handled as a variant in the original set and did we really need to wait so long?

That said this is a 'must have' set.... get 'em!

12th November - New Russian flags upload

We have just uploaded 15 sheets of Russian flags to the shoping cart. These like our other extensive flag ranges have been designed by steve of 'Victrix' and 'Little Big Men Studios'.
They have wonderful crisp detail and are printed in sumptuously rich colours, As well as the lovely detail applied to the central crests and guildwork, attention has also been lavished on the creasing and folds of the flag that should really make your units stand out.

Beautiful flags but what do you expect from Stephen Hales, great stuff!

8th November - New Russian command packs and deals added

We are pleased to announce that we have released our Russian Grenadier command pack and our Pavlovski command. Paul Hicks sculpted these wonderful fellows, as he does with all our metal ranges. He has done a lovely job on these, giving them a real sense of movement and character, which fits perfectly with our plastic ranges.
You will note that the Pavlovski command comes with three character figures with bandaged heads. These can be used for line or Grenadiers to add a little extra variation to your units.
We have just uploaded some new Battalion and Brigade deals for the Russians on the shopping cart. A Grenadier and Pavlovski Battalion deal which gives you 40 figures for £40 saving you 20% off normal retail price. Also from now until the 31stDecember anybody who orders the Grenadier or Pavlovski Battalion deal gets a free pack of colonels. (A rather nice deal I am sure you will agree!)

The new Brigade deals give you 123 figures for £126 saving you 20% off the normal retail price. This allows you to field some quality opposition to our Early French at a reasonable cost.

I am sure you are aware that VAT goes up to 20% in January and the price of metal is going through the roof! The VAT effects our plastic supplies, resin, masters, tooling, fuel, boxes etc… so will hit our manufacturing costs hard. We are going to be putting up our prices by about 10% across the board to keep up with rising costs. This will come into effect in January. So if you want to get your miniatures at the cheaper price you are best ordering before the beginning of January

As ever nice sculpts from Paul Hicks, no argument their, and if early Russians are you're thing then these are well worth taking a look at, I remain to be convinced however that this set was the right choice for Victrix and it's customers.

As noted elsewhere price increases are sweeping the industry, though some seem more deserving and smaller than others, given the discounting you see of plastic set's on the net you wonder if this increase is totally justified.

.. and do I really need to add where are the 'British Limber Team'?
It's been six month's since the British Artillery set was released and ever since then Victrix customers have been stuck with being forced to purchase an Artillery Set without any Team. Just how long does it take to cast up a team?, theis should have ranked before the Russian set.

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