Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perry Price Increase

Perry have given advanced warning of a price rise in the New Year!

From their announcement:
Regrettably, due to general rising costs, our prices are going up in the new year - the 1st of February, to be precise. We have absorbed the increasing costs for some time now, and haven't had a general price rise for around six years now. We've always wanted to keep the price of an individual metal foot figure to GBP 1.00 or below, but we are forced to increase the price of a metal code an additional GBP 0.50 per box.

There is a general assumption that the costs of plastic manufacturing have gone down. They haven't. We could reduce the price by going abroad (not that we would!), getting the molds made in aluminum, but aluminum moulds lose their edge/detail much quicker than steel. Renedra (the tooling company we use) for one and GW for another use steel molds, which will keep their sharpness long after we're dead and gone! The plastic we use isn't the cheapest, but is the best in terms of toughness whilst still retaining the detail.

We are increasing the price of the plastic box sets to GBP 18.00 throughout the range, except the American Farmhouse which will be GBP 15.00. We hope this will still represent value for money for the quality we strive for, which Renedra always deliver.

Don't forget the army deals (of which there'll be more) are still at bargain prices.

We thought we'd add a few pictures to cheer you up… although you'd probably see through that one!

Well, trying to be positive, the good news is that we are being a couple of months notice, so we have a chance to go out and load up on Perry while the price is still low and with xmas just around the corner what better time and after all I think a 50p rise on the price of a GBP 6.00 pack seems not too bad in the current climate.

There have been several manufacturers announcing price increases of late, Crusader for example are increasing their prices from December 1st by an as yet unspecified amount, others have been busily removing discounts, and I did wonder whether we might see this sweep across the industry, with Perry joining the list I imagine the floodgates will open, lets not forget there is also a VAT increase in January in the U.K and one way or another that is going to have an impact as well.

If you are an overseas 'buyer' like me, you will have seen the GBP rallying in recent months which has already added over 10% on to the price, so this doesn't help at all.

That's not to say these increases are unreasonable, times are getting tough, strange thing is, personally, the financial crisis of a few years ago didn't really seem to have much impact at the time but the last six months it feels like it's started to trickle down, with just about everything going up, except my salary of course. My gaming 'budget' for 2011 was already going to be less than 2010 and with these price increases it's going to buy even less.

Maybe 2011 will be the year to concentrate on painting miniatures instead of buying them.

Does make me wonder however how companies with over inflated pricing like Foundry will react to all this, they do seem to have been discounting prices a lot this year.

Anyway, make the most of the next few weeks, I know I will be trying to.

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