Monday, November 01, 2010

Capitan Games release BRIGADIER rules

More good news from Capitan Games hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of the  1813-1814 supplement comes the eagerly anticpated 'Brigadier' ruleset.

From their announcement:

Brigadier is the sequel to our game  "Captain", so many who have played "Captain" will  find the principles and rules of Brigadier very similar.

Whenever you start the design of a Napoleonic rules set to play  Napoleonic battles, we have the same dilemma, story or gameplay. The temptation is fall in the  complicated rules between maneuvers and formations, combats, scale of troops and units, etc ... Brigadier faithful to the principles of CapitanGames, has chosen to be faithful to history, but without prejudice to the simplicity and fun in the game.

Brigadier rules are designed to play most of the battles of the Napoleonic era, and until the mid-nineteenth century. The base unit is the infantry battalion, the regiment of cavalry and artillery company. All of them are combat maneuver units in the field of battle. Brigadier  also take into account  senior managers (Brigadiers, Generals...), who are those who give the orders and give to the battalions and squadrons the orders and cohesion to  become a brigade, a division or corps.

We have released two units packs:
Peninsular War
French, British, Spanish, Portuguesse, Brunswick, Polish, Baden, Swiss, and Confederation of the Rhine units.

1st Carlist War
Carlistas, Isabelinos, French Foreign Legion, British Expeditionary Force.

Now we are translating the rules, it will be available in english in a few months. If you want to help us with the translation, please contact

Now the first thing to note this release is just the Spanish version, they are working on the English translation and it will be available in a few months.

The first release covers the Peninsular and Carlist Wars, personally I think it's a shame 1813-1814 wasn't included in the initial release but I am sure it will come later, though this does give me an excuse to go and buy some more Perry's ... no I think I will try and avoid that temptation.

Because these rules are currently only in Spanish I will do a fuller review later as it takes time for me to read Spanish!!

But for now....

However from what I can see it really is very familiar to Capitan users, i.e similar unit cards etc. There are two suggested figure ratio's that the rules are designed for 20-30/1 and 50-60/1, 28mm to 15mm figures can use the rules without alteration. A turn is 15mins, one gun represents 3 pieces and basing size is not important.

A 'unit' is an Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment of Artillery Company.

Unit card's, unit activation very similar to Capitan.

More later....

As with everything from Capitan Games this is covered by the Project50 scheme:

If you want a professionally printed version,  Capitan-Games now have a 'Project50' scheme where you email them expressing your interest to buy the printed version, then once they have 75 people signed up they will ask you to pay via their online shop and after 50 have paid they then arrange for them to be printed and sent to you. The 'printed' game consists of all the unit cards printed in full color on card board and laser precut, plus the rules which maybe in color or b&w (Capitan was b/w). I am already 'signed up'.

If you want any of their games printed, simply send an email to

The original Capitan was available printed (and still is, I bought a copy, the quality is excellent), as they had printed up a lot of copies ahead of the release and this new scheme is I assume a reaction to their experiences with that approach and is fair I think to both sides when the demand is unpredictable and the company is small.

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