Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perry November News

Still catching up after not posting for the last two weeks, so apologies if this is 'old', Perry last week made their monthly 'new releases' announcement, not so much quantity wise for the Napoleonic fan, I was hoping for some 'Prussian news' but it's excellent stuff none the less:

From Allan Perry:
Here's my metals for this month - just a few this time, but I'm working on a fair bit of stuff at the moment, including some new early-war ACW as the 150th is coming up. I'll give you a sneak look at some of them shortly.

Michael will be posting here too in a short while, with his new releases.

French Napoleonic Army 1815

28mm figures designed by Alan Perry

FN 135 - Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard command in campaign dress, galloping - GBP 7.50

FN 136 - Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard in campaign dress charging - GBP 7.50

FN 137 - Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard swords drawn in campaign galloping - GBP 7.50

From the Plastic Range

We've decided to make available some of our command sprues to buy separately, as we have had a few inquiries about them.... well, enough to warrant us doing them!

B17 - French Napoleonic Cuirassier command sprue 1812-1815 - GBP 4.00
B18 - French Napoleonic Dragoon command sprue 1812-1815 - GBP 2.00
B19 - French Napoleonic Hussar command sprue 1792-1815 - GBP 6.00
B20 - British Napoleonic command sprue 1808-1815 - GBP 5.00
B21 - Wars of the Roses command sprue 1455-1487 - GBP 5.00
6th Hussars

We just received these amazingly painted plastic 6th French Hussars from John Morris of Mystic Spirals and just had to put them up on here. Thanks, John!

Well that's your lot for now and anything that arrives next month is probably too late for xmas, so I guess we will have to wait and see what the New Year brings!

That said the Chasseurs are a lovely addition, actually just what I had been thinking of for some skirmish games, I already have some Foundry figures but I don't like the size and shape of the colback, plus they are a bit small against the newer Perry stuff, so I just might pick these up for xmas.

I suppose the command sprues are useful if you have small unit sizes, personally I prefer bigger units so I can't really see the need but each to his own as they say, I suppose the could be useful for ADC's or orderlies etc.

Those 6th Hussars look lovely, the 6th seem to be a popular unit at the moment, I guess it's the red, really looks good, tempted to do a set myself, if I wasn't supposed to be working again this afternoon.

Michael's November announcement didn't cover Napoleonic's so I skipped it, if you were looking for it.

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Rafael Pardo said...

Not my sacle but these Hussars with their shako-rouleaux look very impressive and fashionable!