Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Book madness - reality bites

Well the order finally arrived, well actually packages 2/3 and 3/3 arrived last Saturday and 1/3 arrived this Saturday.

Firstly no complaints about service, Caliver is as ever first class, delivery is prompt, they are my favorite company to deal with on line!

However of 19 books, 6 had already been sold so were removed from my order, with Amazon you can be sure if it listed it's available, worst thing was that some of the best books were the ones that got dropped. Of the remaining 13 books I would say that Caliver's 'rating' system is consistently a grade lower than Amazon's, not that I am really complaining, the books were fine, just I got what I paid for, cheap books at a cheap price, whereas with Amazon you feel you get more than you paid for, quality books at a cheap price!

Maybe Amazon's postage is excessive (certainly it is compared to Caliver's) but you get the impression some of the excess covers better quality books.

Overall I wouldn't really criticise Caliver, they did what they said the would do after all, but I think in future, out of preference, I will stick to Amazon even if it does cost me more.

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