Monday, July 04, 2011

And now it's Battle Flags turn....

It must be an arms race or something. The now almost daily flag announcement, this time it's Battle-Flags who have rejigged their line a bit. I really am going to have to find something else to blog about next!!!

As you might recall I mentioned previously that Battle-Flags sell their Waterloo range by 'Brigade', which is quite handy if you are in the market for a full brigade (as I happen to be at the moment) but not so useful when you aren't and to be honest more often than not in 28mm we don't build full brigades that match one particular OB, I mean does anyone really have a Guards Brigade in 28mm?

Anyway they have listened and seems you can now buy the flags by Regiment.

Coincidentally I was speaking yesterday to Richard Lowles (the guy behind Battle-Flags) about whether he might have some KGL flags in the pipeline (he does!) and seems there is plenty more exciting stuff to come from Battle-Flags in the near future, so stay tuned as they say.

Anyway for your edification.....
I am pleased to announce, following the numerous requests from wargamers, that the British Napoleonic 28mm flags are now available on two flag Regimental plates.

This release of 28mm flags from Battle Flag sees the first sixteen British Napoleonic Regiments in the series given the Kings and Regimental Colours:

BNW01: 1st Batt. 1st Foot Guards Regt. (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW02: 3rd Batt.1st Foot Guards Regt. (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt.Colour)
BNW03: 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regt. (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW04: 3rd (Scots) Foot Guards Regt (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW05: 30th (Cambridgeshire) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)

BNW06: 33rd (1st West Riding) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW07: 69th (South Lincoln) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW08: 73rd (Highland) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW09: 2/35th (Sussex) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW10: 1/54th (West Norfolk) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW11: 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW12: 1/91st Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW13: 4th (Kings Own) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)

BNW14: 27th (Inniskilling) Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)
BNW16: 81st Foot Foot (28mm Flags: Kings & Regt. Colour)

The flags are, as with all of the Battle Flag range printed using archival quality inks and papers to ensure lasting brilliance and value for money.

These flags are created using Battle Flags “living silk” design process which creates the illusion of scale silk blowing in the wind. A great effect that adds real atmosphere to your figures whether on the gaming table or in your display cabinet

To purchase these, or indeed any other flags from Battle Flags growing range of model flags in 28mm (other scales available), go to our secure online shop by clicking

Just to be clear, you can still buy the Brigade packs, which contain the flags for 4 units at GBP7.50, the new individual Regiment packs at GBP1.95 are only an 'option'.

I have made my mind up to buy flags from both 'Battle-Flags' and 'Flags of War' for my new Waterloo Brigades, it will give me a chance to compare them, I would have considered 'Flags for the Lads' who is another flag lunatic but he doesn't seem to do Waterloo (but you should see his 1812 range!!).

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