Saturday, July 30, 2011

Victrix - British Light Dragoons 1808-1812!!

Well while we were all waiting for the Austrians Victrix stole a march and sprung the British Cavalry upon us!!!

From their announcement:

We are pleased to announce the release of our metal British Light Dragoons for the Peninsular War 1808-1812 uniform.

There is a command pack of officer, guidon bearer and trumpeter. (We will be making Guidon sheets for our cavalry)

The troopers pack has a spine of 6 right sword arms, combined with 3 body and horse positions, this will enable you to field cavalry squadrons with lots of variety and dynamism. We have also added a British Light Dragoon deal to the shopping cart. You can buy 18 figures for £55, saving you £11!

These figures have been sculpted by Paul Hicks. He has put some great character and movement into these models and they are packed with fine, crisp detail making them a joy to paint.

Hmm, I am a big fan of metal cavalry, and these are a really nice set of figures from Victrix, brilliant sculpting by Hicks as ever, nice choice of period as well, though unfortunately not really my focus for the next few years, neatly side steps the Perry juggernaut though.

As you expect from Victrix these figures are well animated, a lot more movement than the Perry's but not quite as beserk as Old Glory, just about what you want for a vignette without being too much for the rank and file wargamer. A nice balance! There is I think now a distinct 'Victrix style' emerging, hard to define but you can tell Victrix cavalry from anyone else's.

If the Peninsular was my current focus I would be in for these, still might be but not for this year unfortunately, but if this is your period I would say these are a must have!

They also point to more good things to come from Victrix in the four legged department. Now Austrians I will buy!


Salvador said...

Thanx for the heads up! Fact is Victrix is speeding up after the "pause" of last year... Portuguese, Russians, incoming Austrians and hop! All of a sudden, British Light Dragoons!
With the deals they have, recruiting a napoleonic army never was so cheap, and to boot, the minis are great, full of character.
Victrix+Perry+Warlord Games have become best "friends" of mine and I guess a lot of people out there!

Robert said...

I think you are right on all points!