Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eagle Figures - 28mm Napoleonic Spanish Range

Eagle Figures recently released a range of Napoleonic Spanish 28mm figures.
They now have some pics posted in their gallery which are shown below.

Well my first reaction is these are not bad at all, they were sculpted by Ian Mountain (who did the Hussites for KingMaker and they were excellent), just for some reason I find I am 'interested' but not truly 'excited' by them but after taking a look at Ian's greens which he has posted on his site I think maybe its just the paint job that I am not wild about (I am not saying 'bad' just not edge of the seat gripping), of course in 28mm everything is compared to Perry, 'the 'gold' standard, which makes life tough for the rest of the industry. I think I may just have to pick up a small selection to check them out in the flesh, then get DPS to paint them up for me and see what they can make of them. If I do then I will post a further review here, so check back later.

Anyway can't complain too much there is not a lot of choice when it comes to Spanish!

The full range

Ian Mountain's Greens

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Simon Thompson said...

Do you think these would sit well alongside the Victrix range?