Friday, June 18, 2010

Uniforms: Useful Sites

I thought it might be of use to start a list of some of the "Uniform" sites.

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies (napoleonistyka)
Great for the history as well as unifrom information

Histofig (French site) – Very good, but very slow!!
Lots of uniform plates.

Les Uniformes pendant la Campagne des Cents Jours – 1815 (Site in French)

1815 (Site in French)

Les planches Waterloo

HISToire des UNIFormes des troupes alliées de l'Empire 1804-1814

Kingdom of Italy

The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms
Huge collection of contemporary plates

US Reenactment site but details uniform of the 21e Fusiliers

Knoetel plates

Facings tables

Réunion des musées nationaux:

The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection:

Napoleon On-Line:

Les Uniformes de l'Armee Francaise By Lienhart Et Humbert

Uniforms of the Russian and the French Armies of the Napoleonic Wars
by Alexander Mikaberidze

Russian Hussars and Pandurs

The Artwork of Victor Boltishev

Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Horse-Jägers, Hussars, Lancers, Gendarmes, and the Train 1801-1825

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Napoleonic Uniform Glossary

Uniforms of the French Line Infantry: 1804 – 1812

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