Monday, June 21, 2010

HKSW Meeting - Beijing Wargame Club

Saturday was HKSW club day this time at the Kowloon Bay venue.

I played a couple of rounds of C&C Ancients with Angus from the Beijing Wargame Club who has been here for the last couple of weeks. We played the Cannae scenario swapping sides so we both got a chance to try each side.

As I found in my recent post on TMP about the Beijing Wargame Club stereotypes are very hard to break down. Many still see China as a heavily controlled police state with little freedom, but as Angus confirmed there are no 'taboos' in wargaming in Bejing. If you really want to wargame the invasion of Tibet you can do so without any worries, it was telling that he actually found the whole idea that there might be a problem somewhat amusing.

He's a great guy and if you ever pass though Beijing I recommend getting in touch with him and seeing if you can join in one of their club meetings. See below for more info.

Oh and for the record I won both games.

There was also a very interesting 15mm Waterloo game using Peter's A Near Run Thing rules.

More HKSW News

Beijing Wargame Party Club (北京战棋党 in Chinese) was founded in 2006. There are currently around 20 core members, 7 of which form the executive committee. It has weekly gathering on Saturdays (unless there is special arrangement of "long holiday" as announced by the State government, then usually the gathering will be arranged on the second day of the holiday.) and usually there are 12 to 15 members attending each gathering. You are welcome to visit its (new and revamped) website (forum) at (mainly in Chinese).

Angus can be contacted at

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