Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few more Prussians from WG

A little bit 'old news' now but Warlord Games have added a few more metal Prussian packs to their site, first up WGN-PRU-25 a pike/musket combination, then WGN-PRU-24 an 'at trail' set..

Prussian Landwehr with Pike / Musket

From their site:
We have sculpted some metal Landwehr with pike and with musket so that you can give yet more variety to your brave Prussian battalions. A good few thousand pikes were issued in the early days of their existence when muskets were short, and units certainly drilled and marched with them. It’s unlikely that many units got to use their archaic weapon in anger, which is probably just as well.
The front ranks only were issued with the pikes, the remaining two would have been musket armed.
Note that these models come with separate heads and allows for a lot of variety and conversion opportunities.
This set contains 10 metal bodies, 10 metal heads, 5 with pikes and 5 with muskets. Models supplied unpainted.  
This pack is priced at GBP12.00 plus pp.

Prussian Landwehr at Trail

All Prussian infantry were well-trained and drilled, and the Landwehr were no exception, if time allowed infantry could advance in a manner of ways, but advancing “at the trail” seems to have been the favoured mode, allowing a quick pace, whilst keeping the temptation of stopping to fire away from a nervous soldier under fire.
These models come with separate weapon arms allowing plenty of diversity and positioning within your regiment.

This set contains 10 metal models. Models supplied unpainted. 
This pack is priced at GBP12.00 plus pp.

Pretty nice sculpts, maybe bordering a little bit on the 'cartoony' side but doesn't stray over the limit like they have done on some of these metals recently. I particularly like the 'at trail' poses, these will make a nice addition. 
Personally I don't like the pikes, I am disappointed they made the set half pike/half musket, I would have preferred to pay a little bit more and have enough to make either 12 pike or 12 musket, mainly so I could then just forget the pikes. Yes I know they did exist, but I don't believe it was of any significance for tabletop action's even if we are recreating very early 1813 and certainly it ceased to exist by May. However with only 5 muskets in a 10 figure set it makes this set a bit of a waste of money for me so I will give it a miss for now which is a shame as the figures themselves are a good match pose wise for the plastic Landwehr they released in October last year.

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