Sunday, January 30, 2011

A good deal, just not a super deal!

As you may or may not know Crusader make a tiny 28mm Napoleonic Line, really it's just a few French Line Infantry but they are nicely done and can make a nice addition and add some variety to your existing army.

Well over at NorthStar they have a "Super Value deal" running until midnight on Tuesday 3 * 24 Man units plus 3 flags for GBP45.00 plus pp. They claim the normal price is GBP89.20 but forget that it's just marketing speak (that's the price if you decided to buy it all as individual packs and no one in their right mind would want to do that) come Tuesday night the pricing will revert to its normal price of GBP55.00 so it's about 20% off. Still 72 quality 28mm figures plus flags for GBP45.00 is a good deal in my books.

Worth taking a look at.

This range has been around for years and there is no sign of it going any further so just view this as "padding" for your main vendor don't expect to be able to ever add to it.


John de Terre Neuve said...

I brought a box of these, the other day, they are absolutely superb little soldiers; well modeled and proportioned. And no flash! Really one of the best metals I have seen out there. Only draw back is uniform pose, but the best pose for building armies.


Rob Edgar said...

Seems they have now pulled this deal, shame as I just got paid and went to see if I could get them :(

Still as John says they are nice figures, shame the range never went any further.

I might pick up a box next month, I am trying to get some figures painted up by DPS at the moment and a box of these could just fit into the scenario I am working on.

Rob Edgar said...

Well as I mentioned by pay day I had missed the "super" deal, but also as I mentioned I have now ordered one box anyway. They're not quite as fast on delivery as Caliver, unfortunately, but they should be here some time next week.