Sunday, January 30, 2011

Victrix Update

Victrix issued a short update, their first of the new year!

28th January - Old Guard Colonels on sale and other news

We appologise for being a bit slow with news updates so far in 2011, this does not mean we have not been busy However!
The Old Guard Colonels and pioneers pack has been added to the shopping cart. This 4 figure and 2 horse pack retails for £10. These are great sculpts made for us by Paul Hicks. We should have some painted versions to show very soon.

Last year we had a disaster with the Marine heads pack we were making. The heads were ruined beyond repair in the moulding process. It was very disheartening to see Pauls work and our money turn into shrunken peas! However Paul has started on a new pack for us which he reckons will be ready in a couple of weeks. There will be 30 heads and an officer, drummer and sergeant figure in the pack.

Also Paul is working on Russian Chasseurs/ jaegers and Russian Cuirassiers in metal at present, we will keep you posted as and when we receive them.

Not much to add here, we have seen the Guard Colonels a few months back when they first announced them, very nicely sculpted by Hicks. Though I would say that if I want Colonels, then I want Colonels not Pioneers or other figures however nice they are but then again I am more a gamer than a collector so I am thinking of unit building, you may feel differently.

The Marines would be interesting and I might pick these up but they tend to be expensive if the Hanoverian and the Light's heads are anything to go by. I did pick up the "Light's" heads previously they were OK but some people commented they were a bit small, it is a neat idea to add a variant but as I said I think pricing is the issue unless there is no other alternative (like Perry for the Hanoverians).

Nice to hear they are progressing with the Russians though I don't personally have an interest in early Russians. They did say previously to expect the Austrians in 'early 11' but their is currently no news of them and as ever no sign that we will ever see a horse team for the British Limber they released last May, will we hit the one year anniversary of their release and still be in this state.

Anyway I daren't criticise Victrix too heavily, they need to do whatever they need to do to survive because as we have seen with the recent and on going troubles at Wargames Factory "plastics" are not necessarily an easy way to make money. That said, IMHO the problem with Wargames Factory was the product was very poor quality in the first place, something Victrix has nothing to worry about, with Victrix I think it's an issue that they seem to have spread themselves very thin and without a clear message as to what they are covering and the depth of that coverage. Gamers tend to prefer to buy a range that has depth or where that depth is scheduled to appear "real soon" otherwise they risk having an army with no Cavalry or no Artillery

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