Friday, January 21, 2011

Offensive Miniatures new 28mm Napoleonic's

This one almost passed me by, I didn't see this anywhere until I was browsing their site today.

Offensive Miniatures make a small range of 28mm Napoleonic's under the title of 'Follow the Drum', the range is focused on the Peninsular War with British, French and Polish Infantry as well as Polish Cavalry included in the range. The Riflemen pack is particularly outstanding well worth buying. These are 'Perry Compatible' and all very nicely sculpted, though the cavalry are I think rather poorly posed.

Well not much has happened on this range for a very long time, to be honest nothing since the range was first announced I think but a couple of weeks ago they released a British Peninsular Casualties pack comprising of 9 figures, from their site:

"Give your unit some variety with this pack or just use them as casualty markers. Contains 9 figures, 4 lying dead and injured on the ground, 5 falling or sat on the ground, comprising of a mix of drummer boys and young soldiers to provide a variation to your unit. Also included are two muskets to position as you want and a pile of equipment (drum,backpacks etc)."

Priced at GBP12.00 plus pp for 9 figures, postage varies between GBP1.20 and GBP1.80 depending on location.

I think they look nice and would make a nice addition to any collection, the wounded drummer is particularly good! Oddly some of the poses remind me of the recent WG Prussian casualties pack.

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