Saturday, February 19, 2011

New British Napoleonic Flags from Flags of War

Flags of War have just announced the release of some new Napoleonic Flags. I am not 100% but I think this is a new range from them as I don't seem to have had them on my Napoleonic Flag list before. I assume they are all 28mm though I didn't see they explicitly say anywhere other than they are NOT 15mm.

The flags look quite nice, maybe a bit hard to see because they have got a bit paranoid with the watermarks on their site, they should rethink that. However if you look at their gallery the examples of non-Napolenics look very good so you would expect the Napoleonic to be of a similar quality I guess.

There are currently 16 British flag sets in the range priced at GBP1.50 for a set which consists of one King's Color and one Regimental Color. Nothing earth shattering just the common ones hopefully they will expand into other nations at some point.

The range:
BNW001 1st (Royal Scots) Foot Regiment
BNW002 1st Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment
BNW003 2nd Battalion 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regiment
BNW004 2nd Battalion 3rd (Scots) Foot Guards Regiment

BNW005 2nd Battalion 30th (Cambridgeshire) Foot Regiment
BNW006 3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment
BNW007 3rd Regiment 'The Buffs' East Kent
BNW008 4th 'Kings Own' Regiment as carried at Waterloo

BNW009 4th 'Kings Own' Regiment pre-Waterloo
BNW010 14th (Buckinghamshire) Foot Regiment
BNW011 23rd Foot The Royal Welsh Fusiliers
BNW012 33rd (1st West Riding) Foot Regiment

BNW013 42nd (Royal Highland) Foot Regiment
BNW014 69th (South Lincoln) Foot Regiment
BNW015 73rd (Highland) Foot Regiment
BNW016 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Foot Regiment

Flags of War also do custom flags, though no indication of price, I was thinking yesterday my El Bruc Catalan's could do with a flag, so maybe I will give them a try if I can dig out a picture from somewhere.

Here is a selection of flags, you can see the full range here.

Below is an example of an ECW flag from their gallery (sorry currently no Napoleonic example), pretty nice I think.

It's amazing how we went for years and years with seemingly GMB the only real choice and in the last couple of years there has been an explosion of new companies producing very good quality flags, though to give GMB it's due, no one even comes close to matching the breadth of GMB's range.

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Flags of War said...

Thanks for the kind words. We have added some new ones to the Nap range and i have just completed some Russian 1797 and 1803 Patterns which will be uploaded soon.