Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Victrix Release Schedule Update

Some news from Victrix about the release schedule for this year.

From their release:

Brief update on release schedule

This is a bit of an update to keep you informed of where we are up to with the forthcoming Austrian, Ancient Greek and 54mm French plastic sets. 

We did expect to release most of these sets last year, but had a few issues to deal with that caused delays to our tooling and release schedules. Our tooling company moved to a larger location in the summer, and had to move a lot of tonnage of machinery to their new premises, taking time and causing delays in stock supply and tooling.

The effects of the economic downturn last year also made us take a step back and have a rethink of our release schedule. We thought it best to consolidate for a few months rather than run the risk of overstretching ourselves in uncertain economic times. This has proved to be a wise decision and we are starting to forge ahead again with our planned releases from a secure footing.

We have been busy during this period finding new sculptors, artists and tooling sources (all within the UK) so we can regain momentum. We have some lovely new test pieces from some very talented sculptors that will be turned into new sets later this year.

Our apologies to customers who have been eagerly waiting for these new sets to arrive. We didn’t expect the delays we encountered in getting them released and for sometime were unsure of start and finish dates.

The Austrians are now in the tooling stage. We expect them to be released by the end of May. This will be all four sets released at once. We will have some great multi box deals to go along with these new sets plus some new metals to supplement the range. We will be able to show you a few more shots in the next few weeks and the box art has been started.

The 54mm French sets, both Grenadiers and Voltigeurs are being tooled at present. They are about three quarters through tooling and we should have them on full release by the end of April. We will have some pre-production packs ready in early April for release at Salute but they will not be in their boxes until the end of the month.

The Greeks will be following the Austrians in the Summer.

We have had a few emails from confused customers who have seen pre-orders for Austrians, Greeks and 54mm French on some retailers’ and distributors’ websites. Unless you see the release date on the Victrix website it is not accurate! If you are at all in doubt please look at our news pages or send us an email and we will confirm if a pre-order time is correct or not

Well little to argue about here, I agree with their comment about needing to refocus and consolidate, one of Victrix's biggest issues. I still think they are spreading themselves a bit thin but if they think they can do all of this well good luck...

Anyway we can look forward to the Austrian's, I think they are going to be a real big seller, however one of the problems with Victrix is still the lack of depth. IMO they really need to do more than just issue a couple of boxes of Infantry, you have got to round out the range with Artillery and Cavalry instead of jumping of on to something new.

Sorry to keep on about Perry but they do get it, when they do a new range they make sure that it is rounded out from the start, or at least there is a plan to develop it in the very near future, like with the Prussian's where as well as Infantry they have already shown us Artillery and who can doubt the cavalry are lurking around somewhere in the background.

Victrix need to take a leaf out of the Perry handbook.

But at the end of the day the survival of Victrix is first and foremost in these tough days, Wargames Factory should stand as a lesson to everyone of how not to run a plastic soldier company.

As and when I see any new pics of the upcoming releases I will put them on the blog.

Hmm, anyone want to buy my Foundry Austrian Pygmies?

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