Sunday, February 20, 2011

Perry Napoleonic Catalan Somatenes/Spanish Guerrillas in 28mm

Sorry but you can ignore this post, nothing new here this was previously in the El Bruc related section.

This is just meant as a reference for DPS who I am asking for a quote to paint these for me.

Catalan somatenes for the action at Bruc (or for that matter Spanish guerrillas in general) in 28mm.

Perry Miniatures:
Officially tagged for the Carlist Wars but they will do just as well for Napoleonic era.
Check out CAT23-CAT29 (Carlist Wars - Carlist Forces).
42 figures GBP1.00 each (but you buy as a set of 6).

When they are done I will post some pics on this blog....


Alex Martin said...

realmente sensacionales

Greyson De Saye said...

That is some some work! I wanted to get some Spanish Napoleonic 28mm miniatures. These are a Great Idea! Thanks Greyson in Va. USA