Friday, February 25, 2011

Perry Prussians to arrive in April

News from Alan Perry on the arrival of the Prussians which as expected will be in time for Salute.

From their announcement:

This is just an update on the Napoleonic Prussian range. The plastic Prussian box will available for the first time at Salute (16th April), although you will be able to pre-order. Peter Dennis has produced the excellent box cover art for this set, as he has done with all our other plastic sets.
Prussian box art
Around the same time of the plastic release, maybe a little before, the companion metal range will start to appear. The first releases will be commanders and artillery, some of which are shown here. Alongside the Prussian pieces, there will be British (loaned) pieces and French (captured) pieces. The Prussian guns here were made by Tim Adcock, and the British 6-pounder by Norman Swales. The range will cover the 1813-15 period.
Prussian 7-pounder
Prussian 6-pounder
Prussian 6-pounder
Prussian foot artillery loading British 6-pounder
As soon as we get the sprues in, we'll bung them up here.

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