Thursday, March 03, 2011

Alban Miniatures Update

Alban Miniatuures seem to be quite active at the moment, new releases and a new website.

Their figures are what I would label 'ultra realistic proportioned' 28mm  and although I can appreciate the superb quality of Richard Ansell's sculpting they are really not my cup of tea unfortunately. They are fairly unique because of the sculpting style, so unfortunately there is little they are a good match with I think except maybe HaT's plastic 28mm figures.

But for those of you who are into them, from their announcement:
I can't hold it in any more as I'm too excited!

2011 is a year of change for Alban Miniatures. Not only have we just updated our website with the aid of the very talented Mr David Watts from Juicy Lime Studios and added more character packs to our ever growing skirmishing range (Rifles and British Light Infantry), but we are now commissioning French Line infantry as the next part of our range expansion.

For many this has been a long time coming but I was always told 'The best things come to those who wait'.

In a few months time we hope to start releasing splendid quality Alban French figures as will be sculpted by the fantastically talented Mr Richard Ansell.

This will give our Austrian and British figures some real enemies to deal with.

Each figure that Richard produces for us seems to be an absolute work of art and so it is with great joy that we take this next step.

My British troops are already starting to paint themselves in anticipation!

Happy gaming all.

Oooh, I hope its ok for me to also quickly plug our new website and various feeds so here goes..

Check us out at and join our facebook, twitter or newsletter feeds.
You can then post your painted examples to our facebook wall or send in your painted examples so we can share them on our facebook page. If they are really great we will even add them to our web gallery!

Cheers all.

Now something that does interest me from their website is their decals

They do two packs DE1 British rifles back pack and canteen decal packs containing 47 canteen and back pack numerals for both the 95th and 60th regiments and DE2 British Line knapsack and canteen decal packs containing numerals for both the 1st, 23rd, 27th and 88th foot regiments.

I think they are superb and would greatly enhance my Perry and Victrix figures and they are not a bad price either.

I tried ordering some today but seems they are not currently available, will keep you informed if this situation changes. I received an email to confirm they are currently 'out of stock', actually this is the second time I have tried to order the decals, last time was about six months ago and they were also 'out of stock' then, so I don't know whether I should hold my breath. Pity.

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Rob Edgar said...

Re:The Decals ...
Seems their have been supply problems and they are working on an "in house" solution at the moment but it would be premature for them to give any time frame.

I will post when I here more.