Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pre-Painted 28mm Napoleonics from the UK

I came across an interesting site today for a UK based painting service - 'A Brush Too Far', they do a number of pre-painted units based on Victrix and Perry plastics, the figures look of a nicely painted wargame standard and at a reasonable price. I thought I would test the waters and have ordered a unit of 8 Victrix Portugese Cacadores GBP25.00 plus pp. Yes, I know they are metal not plastic but I only wanted a sampler to start with before jumping in with both feet :)

Their Hussars also look pretty good, I might be tempted to order them as well once I see what the Cacadores are really like.

And here are some 1812-1814 French :

They also do commisions in various scales as you might expect.

When I get them I will post an update.

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