Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perry Plastic Prussians Update

Perry have given an update on the progress with the plastic Prussians.

From their announcement:
As promised, here's an update on the plastics!

We received the first of the plastic Prussian sprues last week. The command sprue is just being finished off.

Steve May painted some up over the weekend, and a very nice job he did, too. You should be able to spot the Grenadier in the line-up, he's the one with the 'tache, the only discernible difference from the musketeers as the other differences are under the oiled cover of the shako.

I thought I'd show you them in the flesh too, so here's a couple of sprues' worth unpainted. They're a little shiny, but this is just the tooling release agent as these were the first batch out.

There's still a little tweaking to do on them, but they're about there. It's always exiting to see the first shots from the mold, and I'm very happy how these have turned out, Renedra have done it again!

As you can see, there are six line infantry and one volunteer jager on each of the normal infantry sprues.

These will soon be up for pre-order, and available just after Salute. For those attending Salute, you'll be able to buy them first from our stand (TG 12).

You may be wondering how the British hussars are coming on. Well, they're next in line after Michael's plastic Mahdist warriors (more on them later).

I decided to alter them a little by adding the haversack and water bottle, as all British (and, for that matter, Hanoverian) cavalry carried them. This does make them less interchangeable with the French hussars, but they are more accurate.

I've also managed to get another unusual piece of headgear on the trooper's sprue. The strange peakless castor cap (shown here) seems to have been popular in the Peninsular War, being used in place of the very tall and equally weird fur cap in the field. The tall fur cap will also be on the sprue, too.

There's no release date for these yet.
Prussians look good, these are going to be another hot item next month, it will be nice to mix them in with the metal's when they appear, for the Brits from the sound of it we will probably still have a wait to get our hands on them, late summer??

Anyway no rush as we've a lot to getting on with in the Prussians and don't forget somewhere out there is the Austrians (look like my original estimate on the Victrix Austrians will be proved right).

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