Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perry Napoleonic's March Update

We had to wait a few days for Alan's March update but it was worth it!
From his announcement:
Well, I'm getting there!

The main elements of the French Army of 1815 are just about covered, although still quite a few smaller units to do. I'll be going back in time slightly with the French, so units around in 1813-14 will be covered (i.e., the second regt. of Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, Scout lancers of the Guard, Mamelukes, etc.).

There will be a plastic update very soon.

French Napoleonic Army 1815
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry
Grenadiers a Cheval of the Imperial Guard:
FN 138 - Command in campaign dress, galloping - GBP 8.00
FN 139 - Galloping, in campaign dress, swords shouldered - GBP 8.00
FN 141 - Galloping, swords shouldered, in campaign dress, and bonnet de police - GBP 8.00

FN 140 - Hard Plastic Hussar box set (14 hussars) - GBP 18.00

Dragoons of the Imperial Guard:
FN 142 - Command in campaign dress, galloping - GBP 8.00
FN 143 - Galloping, in campaign dress and Minerva helmets, swords shouldered - GBP 8.00
FN 144 - Galloping, in campaign dress and helmets of the Ancient Regime, swords shouldered - GBP 8.00

Well a great collection of new releases. Love the Grenadiers a Cheval, I have wanted to replace my Foundry Grenadiers for a long time and here is my excuse! I would though have really liked to see them standing rather than galloping, somehow to me the Grenadiers are just supposed to be standing stoically in reserve with shot flying round their ears!!

Personally for me the best news in this release was the news of what is coming, Scout Lancers! I don't know why but this unit has always been my favorite, I have forever wanted to do a skirmish game involving the Scout Lancers but have lacked the figures, I can't wait!

The forthcoming plastic update will cover the British Hussars and the Prussian's no doubt, which we have seen before but have been quite for a while as they work through the molding process. Wonder if there will be any surprises, probably not as they do have a lot on their plate at the moment don't they?

You might have missed this, but earlier Michael announced some new Carlist figures, I think the Cabrera's Staff Guard in frock coats will fit in very nicely as Spanish Somatens for the Peninsular War.
CAT 32 - Cabrera's Staff Guard running, frock coats (A)

CAT 33 - Navarre Guides, advancing (A)

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