Monday, June 27, 2011

Battle Flags - Napoleonic Russian 1797 Pattern flags

Competition in the Flags market is really hot these days, it's hard to remember that there was a time when all flags were home made, and even in the recent past Napoleonic Flags used to mean just GMB!

Well last week it was Flags of War now this week it's the turn of Battle Flags to release some new Russian 28mm Flags, as yet only 1797 pattern but I am sure that more will follow with the Perry's having announced they will release late Russians (at some point!).

From their announcement:
The latest 28mm flags from Battle Flag sees the release of the long promised )1797 pattern wargame flags for the Russian Army of the early Napoleonic period. (See the September 2009 posting for more details)

15 beautifully detailed plates allow the wargamer to add both the white (Colonel’s) and the colored (Regimental) standards to their Russian wargame Regiments.

Using Battle Flag’s stunning “living silk” effect these flags are designed to create the impression that they are mde of real silk blowing in the wind. This effect gives the model army much greater visual appeal whether on the wargames table or in the display cabinet.

As with all Battle Flags range of wargame and collectors flags they are printed using only archival quality inks and papers for superb quality and lasting value.

Each set is GBP1.85 and the range currently comprises of the following sets:
Leib Grenadier
Grenadier Ekaterinoslav
Grenadier Caucacus
Grenadier Astrakhan
Musketeer Regiment Nachebourg
Musketeer Regiment Narva
Musketeer Regiment Neva
Musketeer Regiment Riazsk
Musketeer Regiment Viborg
Musketeer Regiment Tomsk
Musketeer Regiment Rialsk
Musketeer Regiment Moscow
Musketeer Regiment Riazan
Musketeer Regiment Poltava

For more info click here

Not sure what the "living silk" effect really looks like in the flesh, would be interesting to do a comparison of flags at some point, in the mean time you pays your money and you takes your choice but we are spoilt for choice these days.

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