Monday, June 20, 2011

Perry Update for June

Time for the Perry monthly update.
We have seen the shots of the Prussians and Hanoverians last month on the workbench, now they are ready for release.

There's some Prussian Fusiliers, so full regiments can now be built, along with a conversion pack to convert the plastic Musketeers into Fusiliers. No stick-on mustaches, I'm afraid! They'll just have to be painted on.

The poor old Hanoverian Militia finally get a look in, too!

These are all available now, and very shortly we'll have them up on our site.

Prussian Napoleonic Army 1813-15
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry

PN 11 - Fusilier conversion pack (this is to convert the plastic Prussian set into Fusiliers. It includes 36 packs/equipment and 4 command, officer, bugler and two NCOs)
PN 12 - Fusilier command (2officers, two buglers, two NCOs)
PN 13 - Fusiliers attacking
PN 14 - Fusiliers skirmishing
All sets GBP6.50 except PN11 - GBP10.50

British Napoleonic Army 1815
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry

BH 55 - British infantry casualties (includes line, Rifleman, Highlander and a wounded officer)
BH 56 - Hanoverian militia command marching casualty
BH 57 - Hanoverian militia marching casualty
BH 58 - Hanoverian militia (Osterode battalion) command advancing
BH 59 - Hanoverian militia (Osterode battalion) advancing
All sets GBP6.50

I thought I'd show you some KGL which are coming up, too. These are skirmishers of the KGL 2nd Light battalion. On the face of it they look like 95th Rifles, but there are a few differences such as the cap, moustaches, round cuffs, and the very short, near non-existent, jacket-tails. These are armed with Bakers; the rest of the battalion (well, two-thirds of it) were armed with the Brown Bess which will be coming next month, too.

Great to hear of the KGL addition, nice timing as well, I have just ordered a KGL Line Brigade from MMPS, so as soon as these Lights are released I will have to get some painted up for me by ABrushTooFar. If you are ever going to criticise the Perry's it's going to be about their sometimes heavy recycling of some poses but in this case they have done a great job of resisting the temptation to simply replicate the 95th Rifle sets, nice work!

Also interesting to see the conversion pack for the Prussians, will we be seeing more of this type of thing from the Perry's in the future?

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Crazy Joe said...

There are replacement heads in the ACW range, so these packs don't seem out of character for them. They could easily do more of this kind of thing and increase the range of available figures dramatically. Of course, it all depends on how workable the raw material is in the first place.